Sights and Sounds of Central Market: Piper’s Jewelers

Central Market between 6th and 7th street is a tableaux of transition: individuals getting their lives on track, new businesses starting up, and artists decorating vacant storefronts. Amidst this yearning for change is Piper’s Jewelers, where used items are bought and sold, and time seems to stand still.

No longer run by Mr. Piper, meet the family members that sell used jewelry, time pieces, and collectibles, and the man who was called in to repair the clock in the bell tower of Old St. Mary’s Cathedral.

Audio produced by R.J. Lozada
Sound design by Stephanie Foo
Photos by R.J. Lozada
Video edited by Kirthi Nath
Executive producer is Robynn Takayama

Produced by the San Francisco Arts Commission for The ARTery Project. Click here to see other episodes in the series or click here to have the stories delivered to your computer via iTunes.

Link to the .mov file

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