Artistic Legacy Award

The San Francisco Arts Commission awarded the first ever Artistic Legacy Grant to Alleluia Panis. This program offers one grant for $40,000 to an arts organization that is deeply rooted in a historically marginalized San Francisco community to recognize its long-time artistic director and that person’s leadership in the cultural community. The artistic legacy grant acknowledges the impact of an artistic director that has served the organization consistently for 25 years or more. Through the vision of the artistic director, this organization is considered to be a vital member of the respective community that they serve and has a history of working to educate the broader community on the importance of their culture and/or artistic genre.

Alleluia Panis and Kularts embody the spirit of this grant. Her contributions to San Francisco’s artistic and Filipino communities cannot be measured. An innovator and an activist, she was part of a generation of beloved artists who fought for the establishment of the Cultural Equity Endowment Fund, of which this grant is a part. Today, she continues to hold space for emerging and established Filipino artists and cultural bearers through her work as a choreographer and artistic director, and through her activism with SOMA Pilipinas. This award pays tribute to her vital contributions to San Francisco’s cultural landscape.

It was an honor to talk with veteran cultural workers like Emilya Cachepero who was part of the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Neighborhood Arts Program; Alleluia’s mentee, Wilfred Galila; and community stalwart Bern Sy. Luckily, Oliver recorded his interview with Alleluia at broadcast quality so I could use it for this piece.

Additional audio credits include:
3rd Street Youth Center and Clinic
The Jack Lords Orchestra “Mokolai” and “Rayd”
Diskarte Namin “Desaparecidos”
Pakaraguian sa Maguindanao: A Celebration of Kulintang Music & Dance

Click here to listen

Broadcast History:
Live at the San Francisco Arts Commission’s Annual Grants Convening

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